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Model: PPC-1782T-AL
Manufacturer: Nagasaki
17in. Intel 2.5GHz Celeron or 1.2GHz P-4 Low Power Mobile CPU, Touchscreen, Aluminum Bezel, support up to 1GB RAM, VGA / LAN / 6 x USB2.0 / 6 x COM / CF slot / Mini PCI slot / CD-R / Loud speakers / KB / Mouse / LPT
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  • Very high stability and reliabilityIntel chipset and CPU
  • Very long MTBF: 10 - 20 years of operating life
  • High speed performance
  • Capable to withstand high-temperature environment
  • Capable to withstand severe and harsh environment
  • Zero-Defect Panel PC for all kinds of applications
  • 100% water-proof IP-65, 66, 67, 68, NEMA-4, 12
  • The touch screen is a 6-wire Resistive Touch screen
Product Features:
Touch Screen: Resistive-PPC-Nagasaki-TouchScreen-17-Resistive: QT - More Info
Hard Drive: Slim 80GB HDD-PPC-Nagasaki-HDD-80GB-Slim: QT - More Info
Bezel: Aluminum Bezel-PPC-Nagasaki-AluminumBezel-17in: QT - More Info
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