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Model: ARAID M100
Manufacturer: Accordance
ARAID M100 1U 2.5" - IDE Internal
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  • Complies with RAID 1 specification, assuring that two hard drives are always in mirror mode during normal operation.
  • Utilizes two 2.5 (notebook) hard drives for minimal space requirements.
  • Lower heat and power requirements as compared to 3.5 drives of similar capacity.
  • Same approximate dimensions as a CD drive.
  • No device driver is required for most modern operating systems.
  • Plug and Play design for direct connection to EIDE interface without any add-on controller cards.
  • Wide support for modern 2.5 hard drives.
  • Supports hot swap and ARF on most supported operating systems.
  • LCD panel displays system status, disk operations, and temperature.
  • LED indicators indicate disk read and write status.
  • Audible alarm warns of impending disk and cooling problems.
  • 40mm high-performance cooling fan provides ventilation for 7200 RPM drives.
  • Locking mechanism secures your hard drives from unauthorized intrusion.
  • Available in white sheet metal case.
  • Internal mounting.
  • IDE to IDE interface.
  • SNMP Agent for Windows and Linux with Enterprise MIB, MIBII and trap support.


  • Occupies a single 5.25 drive bays.
  • Weight without hard drives: 1.3 kilograms.
  • Operating temperature range: 0C to 55C.
  • Standby temperature range: -20C to 70C.

System Requirements

  • PC compatible computers utilizing Pentium II, III, IV or other Pentium equivalent processors.
  • Standard IDE/EIDE hard drive interfaces and hard drives.
  • Support for Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, NT/2000/XP Workstation, Windows 95/95-OSR2/98/98SE/ME, DOS 6.22, Linux, SCO Open Server, BSD, Netware, Solaris.
  • Operates on standard +5V and +12V power supplies.
Accordance 913-0024-PW
ARAID M100 1U 2.5" - IDE Internal - Plastic White
Accordance 913-0024-PB
ARAID M100 1U 2.5" - IDE Internal - Plastic Black (special order)
Accordance 913-0024-MW
ARAID M100 1U 2.5" - IDE Internal - Metal White (special order)
Accordance 913-0024-MB
ARAID M100 1U 2.5" - IDE Internal - Metal Black
Accordance 000-0025-PB
M100 Tray - IDE - Plastic Black (special order)
Accordance 000-0025-PW
M100 Tray - IDE - Plastic White
Accordance 000-0025-MB
M100 Tray - IDE - Metal Black
Accordance 000-0025-MW
M100 Tray - IDE - Metal White (special order)