Model: sensorProbe
Manufacturer: Uptime devices
Network enabled temperature sensor (and humidity - sensorProbe+) lets you monitor your network remotely.
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The sensorProbe is the most cost effective way to monitor critical temperatures via your network

The sensorProbe is the most cost effective way to monitor critical temperatures via your network. With its internal web server, the sensorProbe requires no software and is platform independent. It can e-mail you if the temperature goes out of your specified range. The sensorProbe can be viewed from anywhere over the web with its user friendly interface. The sensorProbe integrates and sends snmp traps to all popular Network Management Software. The external sensor port gives you the capability to a wide variety of optional sensors.

Optional software available for the sensorProbe includes Global Management and OverTime. Uptime's Global Manager package allows you to view the status of all of your sensorProbe's on one screen. The Global Manager makes it easy to instantly drill down to a specific device. It makes changing sensorProbe settings for all of your devices or a range of your devices a simple operation. OverTime allows you to do extensive data logging, graphing, and analysis of the temperature and external sensor values. It is the perfect solution for trending and quality control applications.

The sensorProbe installs in a flash. Just plug in your cables, put it online, and you are in business. There is no easier way to monitor critical temperatures in real time over your network.

• Requires no software
• On board graphing capability
• Sends e-mail notifications
• External sensor port with auto-sense
• Sends SNMP traps to 2 destinations
• Supports SNMP polling
• 2 levels of password protection
• Internal web server
• 0 U rack mountable
• Fully compliant with all operating systems
• Includes easy to read documentation and helpful utilities
• Free trial version of OverTime
• MIB integrates with all popular NMS
• 1 year limited warranty
• Free technical support via e-mail




LED Indicators







9.0V DC 500ma

Power, Network Connection, Activity, 2 Port Status Indicators

FCC B, CE Mark

Category 5 UTP
or STP

4" x 2.5" x 1.5"

7 oz.

0 U or desktop

External Sensor Port
The sensorProbe's external sensor port allows you to add any one of the following:
• Additional temperature sensor with up to 60 ft of cable
• Humidity sensor with up to 60 ft of cable
• Water detector
• Voltage detector
• Airflow sensor
• 2 dry contact switches

* * The external sensor port supports most two-wire, on/off, or open/closed type sensors.


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