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AAESATA100CAAESATA100C 100 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connectors on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connectors to eSATA host controller.ActiveCallGet Quote ->
AASATAPIBKOptional Mounting Bracket for ADSATAPISA and ADSATAPIU2 ActiveCallGet Quote ->
AD5HPMRXA-EThis Addonics 5X1 eSATA hardware Port Multiplier (PM) is build to fit perfectly into the Addonics Storage Tower and any standard 2 bays or larger SCSI enclosure.ActiveCallGet Quote ->
AD5HPMSXAThis Addonics 5-Port hardware Port Multiplier (PM) is build to fit perfectly into any system via a PCI slot.ActiveCallGet Quote ->
ADIDEU2IDE to USB 2.0/1.1 converter. Convert any Addonics USIB35 cartridge cradles or IDE drive cradles to a hot swap drive bay with USB connection. Convert any IDE hard drive to USB 2.0/1.1 interface. Mount directly on the back of the hard drive.DiscontinuedNot Available  
ADS3GX4R5SATA II PCI-X RAID5/JBOD controllerActiveCallGet Quote ->
ADSA3R5-E1 eSATA/3-Port RAID5/JBOD SATA II PCI ActiveCallGet Quote ->
ADSATAPISAslim ATAPI to Serial ATA ConverterActiveCallGet Quote ->
ADSATAPIU2slim ATAPI to USB 2.0 ConverterActiveCallGet Quote ->
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