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Model: CF-CMB-570
Manufacturer: Commell
Configurable 5.25 inch drive-size system supports Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor. Unit features 4 Gigabit LAN ports and bootable CompactFlash socket. Applications include; small business / SOHO firewall / VPN market and all-in-one internet server application.
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COMMELL's CMB-570 is a compact 5.25" drive-size embedded multiple Ethernet platform. Based on Intel Core 2 Duo mobile it offers the Intel PRO/1000 GbE and four Ethernet interfaces for industrial multiple Ethernet application, such as firewall, VPN and all-in-one server solutions. The CMB-570's compact size and bootable CompactFlash socket also provide a suitable hardware solution for small business / SOHO firewall / VPN market and all-in-one internet server application.

In addition to the Core 2 Duo processor options, the CMB-570 is packed full of advanced features such as 4 x Gigabit LAN, up to 3GB of DDR2 RAM, 4 x USB 2.0 and simple 8 - 24V DC power input requirements, making the CMB-570 the perfect solution for almost any high-end embedded processing application.


  • Form Factor: 5.25" Barebone
  • Construction: Heavy-duty Steel
  • Inside Motherboard can be: LS-570 : Intel Core 2 Duo mobile
  • Drive Bay:
    • 1 x CompactFlash Card
    • 1 x 2.5" HDD Space
  • Riser card: No
  • Thermal Control: 1 x System Fan
  • Front Panel:
    • Power On/Off
    • reset
    • HDD activity LED
  • Rear Side I/O:
    • 4 x RJ45 LAN
    • 1 x DC input
    • 4 x COM
    • 4 x USB
    • 1 x VGA
    • 1 x DVI
    • Key/Mouse
    • 1 x LPT
    • 1 x Audio
    • 1 x TV-out
    • 1 x Antenna
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 C
  • Power supply: DC 8 ~ 24V input (SPD-080-12 included).
  • Dimension: 250 x 65 x 160 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.75 kgw , (Without HDD )
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