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BWI opened its doors for business in the summer of 1985. Back then, a floppy diskette was about the size of your CRT with a storage capacity less than what you'll find in most of today's PC's RAM and Windows, well, those were things you looked through to glimpse the great outdoors. In those early years, BWI was primarily a consulting firm specializing in device driver development and software applications that used a Unix based real time operating system called OS9. Such systems typically used VMEbus hardware and were (and remain) popular for certain industrial and military applications

As the 80's became the 90's, BWI expanded its base operations. To better serve the needs of our customers, in addition to offering specialized software services, we began to integrate systems becoming a Value Added Reseller and System Integrator. In doing so we started to develop long term relationships with numerous manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, Europe, and Taiwan.

Through the 90's we turned our software expertise to web and database development becoming one of the first suppliers inside the VME market to offer products for sale on-line. As the industrial computer market evolved and grew, so did we. Low cost motherboards with ever more powerful CPUs became a reliable and cost effective alternative for many of our customer's requirements. Our supplier contacts increased with our customer base and our product base continued to expand.

With the end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st, we broadened our customer market expanding beyond our Industrial base to include general business applications and consumers alike. Today the database of products we offer through our web site includes thousands of brand name computer, peripheral, network, and storage products in addition to our own Rackpaq™ brand. We are even helping to promote top Chinese business culture training that lets you learn Chinese online with 1-on-1 tutors in Beijing, China. So, whether you're looking for a commercial network switch, a custom configured Linux server, an LCD monitor, or a hard-to-find miniature embedded computer motherboard, BWI is your reliable source.

And today we still offer custom hardware and software solutions and specialized services as well. Beyond OS9 consulting, BWI maintains and relies on its strong technical background and experience. Our service and software division provides a variety of software packages and consulting services for businesses including custom web site development, web based database solutions for business (including our shopping cart software), internet connectivity, and off-site backup systems and solutions.

No doubt the computer market has changed a lot since 1985 and BWI has changed with it. Even so, we're proud to say that many of the customers who were with us back in 1985 are still our customers today. We think there's a good reason for that. At BWI, we put the customer first, your problems become our problems and our solutions become your solutions. You can rely on BWI. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.