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Model: I-7005
Manufacturer: ICP DAS
8-channel Thermistor Input and 6-channel Alarm Output Module
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  • Features
    • Input Type : Thermistor
    • Input Channels: 8
    • Thermistor Type : Precon ST-A3, Fenwell U, YSI L100, YSI L300, YSI L1000, YSI B2252, YSI B3000, YSI B5000, YSI B6000, YSI B10000, YSI H10000, YSI H30000, User-defined
    • Resolution : 16-bits
    • Accuracy : +/-0.1%
    • Sampling Rate : 8 samples/second (Total)
    • -3dB BandWidth : 5.24Hz
    • Common Mode Rejection : Typical 86dB
    • Voltage Input Impedance : >1M Ohms
    • Individual Channel Configurable
    • Wire Opening Detection
    • Alarm Output Type : Open collector
    • Alarm Output Channels: 6 (NPN, Sink) Open collector to 30V, 100mA max. load (per channel)
    • Isolation Voltage : 3000Vdc
  • Communication Interface
    • RS-485
  • Power Supply
    • Input Voltage Range : +10 ~ +30Vdc
    • Power Consumption :1.3W