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Model: 8004
Manufacturer: Sealevel
Digital I/O, PCI, 16 Reed Relay Outputs/16 Isolated Inputs, channels: 16/16, DIO-32.PCI
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  • Summary

      The DIO-32.PCI provides 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs, which can be utilized for PC based control and automation of equipment including sensors, switches, satellite antenna control systems, video and audio studio automation, security control systems, and other industrial automation systems. In addition, the DIO-32.PCI is the perfect choice for integrating unattended status monitoring equipment, and fall­back network switching circuits.

      The DIO-32.PCI's 16 Inputs provide optical isolation to protect the PC and other sensitive equipment from spikes and ground loop current that can be generated in industrial environments. For your reference, we have provided a sample wiring diagram for an optically isolated input circuit.

      The standard input resistor value is 560 Ohms, minimum turn-on voltage is 2.8V, maximum input voltage is 12V and maximum current is 20mA. If your application requires other values, please refer to the user manual or contact a Sealevel support specialist.

      The 16 reed relay outputs provide high quality, long life, low current (10 Watt maximum), dry contact switch closures. Reed relays are well suited for low current applications. The relays are normally open, and close when energized. Writing a "1" to the proper port bit can individually energize each relay.For your reference, we have provided a sample wiring diagram for a reed relay output circuit.

      Our SeaI/O Family of Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP and Linux Software drivers is included along with sample applications and utilities for rapid application development.

  • Features
    • Addressing from 100H-3FFH
    • 2 sets of SPST relays with each set having 8 relays
    • 2 eight bit optically isolated input ports
    • DB-78 Male connector
    • Highly reliable 10 VA DIP reed relays utilized
    • Multiple adapters can reside in same computer
    • PCI bus compliant
    • Includes DB-78 to (1) DB-37 Male and (1) DB-37 Female cable
    • Terminal Block Kit available to simplify field wiring requirements
    • Supports all PCI interrupts