Geforce 4 MX4000 PCI 64MB
Geforce 4 MX4000 PCI 64MB Image
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Model: Geforce 4 MX4000 PCI 64MB
Manufacturer: PNY Technologies
PNY Technologies Verto Geforce 4 MX4000 PCI 64MB DDR Graphics Display Card for Gamers with VGA and S-Video Connectors - Win
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  • For gaming and basic non-linear editing, PNY Technologies' Verto Geforce 4 MX4000 PCI 64MB DDR Graphics Display Card gives you the best all-around versatility among similarly-priced models. With support for both VGA and S-Video out, the Verto Geforce 4 MX4000 is a great entry-level display solution for the cost-conscious.
  • Key Features
  • NVIDIA Video Processing Engine (VPE)
  • This enables high-quality, full-frame-rate, full-screen video without requiring a high-speed system processor.
  • Double Data Rate (DDR) Memory
  • This 64MB DDR on-board memory is used primarily for frame buffering.
  • Dual Display Support
  • The GeForce MX 4000 PCI supports one VGA monitor display and one S-Video display.
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture
  • LMA II technology increases bandwidth to ensure fluid frame rates for 2D and 3D games and digital content creation.
  • Accuview Antialiasing
  • Matrox's proprietary anti-aliasing technology smoothes jagged lines to deliver an improved graphics display.
  • Supported 3rd-Party Applications and Drivers
  • The GeForce MX 4000 PCI supports Microsoft DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectVideo, and ActiveX drivers, OpenGL ICD for Windows XP/2000/95/NT, and is fully PC00, PC99 and PC99a compliant.