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Model: Cell232
Manufacturer: Precidia
Serial Data to Serial PPP; Interface-RS232DTE(RS485/422); Connector DB9 Male
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A unique product that transmits serial data to a wireless network

A unique product that transmits serial data to a wireless network

Precidia Technologies has developed a simple, cost effective product that connects any stand-alone asynchronous RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial device to a wireless network.

Unlike current land line or modem based solutions for remote connectivity, the Cell232Plus™ does not require an existing infrastructure. You simply connect the serial device to the Cell232Plus and to a wireless digital handset or radio transceiver. You now have a low cost wireless Virtual Private Network (VPN), accessible from anywhere, without changing your existing serial equipment.

The Cell232Plus is ideal for providing real-time information from utility meters, traffic lights and other serial equipment remote from land lines. The Cell232Plus can replace external modems in current dial applications or it can extend networks to previously unreachable serial equipment. Extend the life of your existing serial equipment today, while gaining powerful new functionality with Precidia's Remote Access products.


  • Transparent to existing serial connections;
  • Serial data conversion to IP via PPP;
  • Works with RS232, RS422 or RS485 interface;
  • Several data formatting and session mode options;
  • Drives PPP connection to IP network;
  • Compatible with TCP/IP networks for Internet or Intranet applications;
  • Modem emulation capability;
  • Built-in web page server for displaying both static and dynamic web pages;
  • Statistics and log files available via Web browser or Telnet session;
  • Routing redundancy in case of application server failure;
  • Auto-identity header;
  • Works with Com Port Redirection;
  • SNMP support for third party network management;
  • Supports hardware/software/no handshaking;
  • Real-time access to data for troubleshooting and diagnostics;
  • Local and remote configuration and software upgrade capability;
  • Local and remote password protection;
  • Remote logging of wireless network signal strength (currently available for iDEN cellular network);
  • Visual status LEDs;
  • One year warranty.