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Model: iPocket232
Manufacturer: Precidia
Low cost ethernet connectivity in a compact design. Ethernet to RS232 device.
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The iPocket232 is an IP Access device, connecting stand-alone asynchronous RS232 equipment to IP networks via Ethernet. Part of Precidia’s family of Remote Access products, the iPocket232 offers a proven feature-rich design, along with a compact architecture. Ideal for large volume users looking for a cost competi-tive plug and play IP connectivity solution, the iPocket232 boasts high reliability.


  • Transparent to existing serial connections
  • Single RS-232 serial port supporting up to 115200 bps
  • Wall or DIN Rail Mountable (with adapter)
  • Compatible with TCP/IP networks and routers for Internet or Intranet applications
  • Built-in static and dynamic web pages
  • Supports hardware and software control
  • Multiple serial device management from a single PC over Ethernet
  • Local and remote configuration and software upgrade capability
  • SNMPv2c support for improved network management
  • Telnet and Reverse Telnet connections
  • Supports any asynchronous serial device with 7 or 8 bit data, with or without parity
  • Local and remote password protection
  • Automatic switchover to backup server on failure
  • Capable of automatic connection and connection recovery
  • Remote Com Port Control allows user to remotely manage the device’s serial port
  • User downloadable web page
  • Visual status LEDs
  • One year warranty