AD0008R Image
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Model: AD0008R
Manufacturer: BWI
RS232 to MIL188-114 Converter, Rackmount Standard Interface Converter (balanced)
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Price: $282.81
The Hull Speed AD232/MIL188-114 Standard Interface Converter enables RS-232 devices to communicate with MIL188-114 balanced signal interface equipment. The unit converts clock data in both directions and operates at data rates as high as 56,000 bps. This unit is available in a standalone or rackmount configuration and will work either asynchronous or synchronous data.


  • Integrate RS-232 equipment with MIL188-114 (balanced interface) equipment
  • RS232/DTE to MIL188-114/DCE
  • Data rates up to 56Kbps
  • Code and protocol transparent
  • Fail-safe, input terminator and response control straps


  • Leads Supported:
    • RS232: 1-8, 15, 17, 24
    • MIL188-114: 1-9, 11-19, 23, 24
  • Data Rates: Up to 56,000 bps
  • Physical Interface: (2) DB25-S, female
  • Electrical Interface: RS-232C / V.24, MIL188-114
  • Physical Characteristics:
    • Height: 1.69 inches, 4.29 cm
    • Width: 6.50 inches, 16.51 cm
    • Depth: 10.00 inches, 25.40 cm
    • Weight: 3.0 lbs, 1.36 kg
  • Power Requirements:
    • 115 VAC ▒10%, 60Hz
    • 230 VAC ▒10%, 50Hz (optional)
  • Warranty:
    • Standard: 1 Year
    • Optional: 3 Years