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Model: ARAID T2200
Manufacturer: Accordance
External SATA/eSATA RAID Controller
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The ARAID is a self-contained RAID storage subsystem that plugs into the computerís SATA or eSATA physical interface. The unit appears to the computer as a single, standard hard drive, but maintains identical data on two hard drives with minimal overhead (RAID 1 Disk Mirroring).

If one disk fails, the ARAID automatically uses the remaining good drive which contains 100% of your data. The computer will continue to operate without interuption. Hotswap capability allows the failed hard drive to be replaced without rebooting.

The ARAID subsystem supports all popular computing platforms including Windows, Linux and MacIntosh. Attaching an ARAID to a computerís existing SATA or eSATA controller instantly provides sophisticated data protection including RAID 1 (disk mirroring), backup of user data, operating systems, applications, database and open files.


  • Connects to a single SATA or eSATA PC host interface and power
  • Host two 3.5in. SATA drives
  • Provides RAID 1 disk mirroring
  • Requires no additional software or controller cards to operate
  • Disk are hot-swappable for data backup and disk replacement
  • SATA 3G, SATA, SATA II support
  • Supports 10000/7200/5400 RPM drives
  • Includes an SNMP Agent for enterprise network managment
  • Quiet forced air cooling
  • LCD display for system and hard drive status
  • LED indicators and sounding alarm