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Model: SG-3016
Manufacturer: ICP DAS
Isolated Strain Gauge Module
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    ICP DAS signal conditioners effectively convert one type of electronic signal into a another type of signal. Its primary use is to convert a signal that may be difficult to read by conventional instrumentation into a more easily read format!
  • Voltage Specifications :
  • Electrical input : ▒10mV, ▒20mV, ▒30mV, ▒50mV, ▒100mV
  • Excitation voltage : 1 ~10Vdc (20mA max.)
  • Voltage output :
  • Bipolar : ▒5V, ▒10V
  • Unipolar : 0~10V, 0~5V
  • Output impedance : <50?
  • Current Output(Source) :
  • 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA(Load, max 250 ohm)
  • General :
  • Three-way isolation : 3000Vdc
  • Accuracy : ▒0.1% of full range
  • Range : 10~30Vdc
  • Bandwidth: 1.2KHz@-3db (Typical)"