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Model: FS-962VXL
Manufacturer: Commell
Full-size PICMG Socket 370 CPU Card with DDR DIMM, LVDS/TTL LCD Interface, 10/100Mbps LAN, AC97 3D Audio, DiskOnChip Socket
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The FS-962VXL SBC (Single Board Computer) is an all-in-one industrial full-size PICMG CPU card based on Intel socket 370 architecture, supports Intel Tualatin/Coppermine FC-PGA2, FC-PGA Pentium-III / Celeron and VIA C3 Samuel I/II, Ezra CPU up to 1.4 GHz at 66, 100, 133 MHz of FSB with PC100/133 SDRAM. Based on the value VIA CLE266 chipset with VIA VT8623 northbridge and 8235 southbridge, the FS-962 supports the Intel and VIA latest socket 370 based CPU, 2 GBytes DDR 266 SDRAM and MPEG-2 decoding, video scaling for high quality DVD acceleration and an integrated 128-bit 2D and 64-bit 3D graphics engine with internal AGP 8X and Alpha Blending for multimedia and gaming applications.

To meet the requirement of multi-media computing platform, the FS-962 also offers the LVDS/TTL TFT interface. The onboard Fast Ethernet, audio and DiskOnChip interfaces also offer the features for the industrial PC, server and workstation, portable workstation, node terminal, transaction station and industrial embedded application.

With these features, FS-962 should be the value, powerful and all-in-one integration solution including, but not limited to the following.


  • Socket 370 CPU architecture supports Intel latest Tualatin Socket 370 Pentium-III, Celeron and VIA C3 CPU up to 1.4 GHz at 133 MHz of FSB.
  • High memory capacity up to 2 GBytes DDR 266 SDRAM
  • Integrated LVDS/TTL flat panel SVGA interface with 3D engine and 8/16/32/64 MB fram buffer shared with system memory
  • Integrated MPEG-I/II decoder I
  • Integrated 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN, AC97 3D audio interface
  • Four USB 2.0 ports for additional USB devices or adapters
  • Integrated SSD (Solid State Disk) with DiskOnChip(DOC)
  • Support Microsoft windows and Linux OS for industrial mainstream applications