EI Series Hubs
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Model: EI Series Hubs
Manufacturer: Contemporary controls
The EI series of Industrial Ethernet Interconnect hubs and links allows for expansion of shared 10Mbps Ethernet networks on the plant floor.
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Need cost-effective, reliable hubs for your network? The virtue of our hubs is to extend a 10BASE-T system beyond two nodes or to increase network distances beyond the 100-meter segment limit of the 10BASE-T specification. To maximize distance, the typical network uses twisted-pair wiring for the end devices and fiber cables for the inter-hub links. Each twisted pair can be as long as 100 m and the total length of inter-hub fiber can be as much as 2000 m. The network diameter cannot exceed 2400 m. In a shared Ethernet environment the length of each fiber segment depends upon the number of hubs used.

Two EI Series models provide expansion through twisted-pair cabling — the four-port EI4-10T and the popular 8-port EI8-10T. The line is enhanced with its fiber optic versions — the 5-port EI5-10T/F and the six-port EI6-10T/F. The EI6-10T/F has 4 ports for twisted-pair that support the signaling standards of 10BASE-T and the two fiber ports support the 10BASE-FL interface using ST connectors. The EI5-10T/F has one less fiber port.

Fiber optic segments make it ideal for building control and industrial control applications where distance and robustness are important. Fiber optic links also provide a layer of isolation and increased immunity to electrical noise and other external influences usually encountered in an industrial environment.


  • Plug and Play operation
  • Provision for redundant power connections
  • 10BASE-T and 10BASE-FL compliant
  • LEDs for activity, link, collision and power
  • Shielded RJ-45 connectors or ST-style fiber optic connectors
  • Easy panel or DIN-rail installation
  • IEEE 802.3 repeater unit compliant
  • CE Mark
  • Wide-range, low-voltage AC or DC powered
  • UL 508 listed
Contemporary controls EI6-10T/F
Four-port 10BASE-T/two-port fiber Ethernet hub
Contemporary controls EI8-10T
Eight-port 10BASE-T Ethernet hub
Contemporary controls EI5-10T/F
Four-port 10BASE-T/one-port fiber Ethernet hub
Contemporary controls EI4-10T
Four-port 10BASE-T Ethernet hub
Contemporary controls AI-XFMR-E
Wall-mount transformer 220VAC (nom)
Contemporary controls AI-XFMR
Wall-mount transformer (120VAC (nom)
Contemporary controls AI-DIN
DIN-rail mounting kit