EI Series Mini-Hub
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Model: EI Series Mini-Hub
Manufacturer: Contemporary controls
The EI Series Mini-Hub is available to meet less demanding industrial application requirements.
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The EIM4-10T 10 Mbps miniature repeating hub provides a simple, cost-effective method for increasing a 10BASE-T system beyond two nodes or to increase network distances beyond the 100-meter limit of the 10BASE-T specification.

The EIM4-10T is classified as a miniature, 4-port Ethernet repeating hub. Adhering to the IEEE 802.3 standard, the hub provides preamble regeneration with symmetry and amplitude compensation. A repeater must retime signals so that jitter, introduced by transceivers and cabling, does not build up over multiple segments. It must be able to detect either runt packets or collisions and reinforce detection by generating a Jam signal. As a final point, it needs to automatically partition jabbering ports so the entire network is not rendered useless.


  • Plug and Play operation
  • Provision for redundant power connections
  • Miniature Size
  • LEDs for activity/link, collision and power
  • 10BASE-T compliant
  • Easy DIN-rail installation
  • Shielded RJ-45 connectors
  • Industrial environment EMC
  • IEEE 802.3 repeater unit compliant
  • CE Mark
  • Wide-range, low-voltage AC or DC powered
  • UL 508 listed
Contemporary controls EIM4-10T
Four-port 10BASE-T miniature Ethernet hub
Contemporary controls AI-XFMR-E
Wall-mount transformer 220VAC (nom)
Contemporary controls AI-XFMR
Wall-mount transformer (120VAC (nom)