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Netline Fast Starlet Gig Switch - PN9242-1
Model NumberDescriptionProduct StatusStock StatusPriceAction
Netline Fast Starlet Gig SwitchUpgrade your network backbone or workgroup to gigabit speed, without the cost or hassle of installing new cables. The Fast Starlet Gig Switch/4T is designed to optimize network performance easily ActiveCallSelect -> View Products
PN9014-0NetLINE Fast Starlet 4-port Gigabit Switch 100/1000 - InternationalSpecial OrderCallGet Quote ->
PN9014-1NetLINE Fast Starlet 4-port Gigabit Switch 100/1000ActiveCall$1481.98
PN9242-0NetLINE 24+2 Gigabit Switch 10/100/1000 - InternationalSpecial OrderCallGet Quote ->
PN9242-1NetLINE 24+2 Gigabit Switch 10/100/1000ActiveCall$1656.88
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