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AC4034-862 - WL6231-1123
Model NumberDescriptionProduct StatusStock StatusPriceAction
AC4034-862CORDLESS HAND SCANNER 7E/7M CHRG CRADLEDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
AC4050-1152CHS 7NRX CHRG CRADLE ANTIMICROBIALDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
CX2856-1278Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS)Out of Stock  
CX2858-1294Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS)Out of Stock  
EA2917-72210/100 ETH CF CARD RUGGEDDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
EA2918-72320PK 10/100 ETH CF CARD RUGGEDDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
HC1602-757SoMo 650 Extended Battery SetOut of Stock  
HC1646-1134Tethered Stylus 3-PK SoMo 650Out of Stock  
HC1668-1200SoMo 650Rx MultiBay Cradle KitOut of Stock  
HC1679-1280Duracase RX for SoMo 650Out of Stock  
IS5026-610CF SCAN CARD 5P W/ CLASS 2 LASER BAR CODE TYPE 2DiscontinuedOut of Stock  
IS5040-1150CF SCAN CARD 5XRX 2D HDDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
IS5042-1195CompactFlash Scan Card, 5ELOut of Stock  
IS5306-736INTEGRATED SD SCAN CARD BAR CODE LASERDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
MO7200-558SDIO 56K MODEM CARDDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
MS5105-1108CF Mag Stripe Reader CardDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
RF5405-632CF RFID READER SCAN CARD 6P HF CLASS 2 LASERDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
WL6231-1123Go Wi-Fi!802.11a/b/g SDIO WLANDiscontinuedOut of Stock  
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