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Model: MP-954GPS
Manufacturer: Commell
Mini PCI GPS combo card is high sensitivity and low power. Based on new SiRF StarIII technology it supports 20-Channel GPS and integrated ultra-high performance two UART ports with up to 15Mbps data rates.
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Price: $156.40
COMMELL introduces the Mini PCI Module MP-954GPS with the latest SiRF StarIII high performance chipset, which meets the industry`s toughest challenges, allows acquisition in only seconds even at low signal levels and can support 20-Channel GPS. The unit is ideal for navigation systems, vehicle location systems, geological equipment, boating location and other related applications.

Besides the GPS function, the MP-954GPS includes two integrated RS-232 ports, Each UART channel is the fastest available PC-compatible UART, offering data rates up to 15Mbps and 128-byte deep transmitter and receiver FIFOs and each UART is software compatible with the widely used industry-standard 16C550 devices.


  • SiRF StarIII high performance GPS Chipset
  • Compact size: Mini PCI Type IIIB (59.75mm x 44.60mm MAX.)
  • Very high sensitivity (Tracking sensitivity:-159dBm)
  • Extremely fast TTFF(Time to first fix) at low signal levels
  • Supports the NMEA-0183 data protocol
  • Supports 20-Channels GPS
  • 0.1 second reacquisition time
  • Hardware compatible with standard SiRF GPS software
  • Integrated two RS-232 ports
  • Antenna information, connector: MCX, impedence: 50 ohms.