Microware's Real-Time Operating System Software

Microware develops, markets, and supports real-time operating system (RTOS) software covering the spectrum from deeply embedded applications to high-end consumer devices. Microware's OS-9® RTOS is the total network operating system for intelligent devices. For more than 20 years, Microware's modular RTOS has provided the essential building blocks and advanced networking and graphics capabilities for embedded devices. By providing developers with a superior operating system and affordable, effective, and easy-to-use development tools, Microware's proven solutions reduce development time, thus shortening customers' time-to-revenue.

Microware's OS-9®

Thousands of customers and partners around the world are using Microware's OS-9 Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) in embedded designs. OS-9® serves as the fundamental control program that manages critical actions of microprocessors.

If your device requires a reliable, secure, and flexible real-time operating system, demand the inner strength that only OS-9® can provide. OS-9® is a system-secure, fault-tolerant RTOS with high availability and reliability. Users can dynamically add and replace modules while the system is up and running. OS-9's flexibility and upgradeability, along with its process model architecture and threads support, make it the superior choice for mission-critical applications.

OS-9® is more than just a simple kernel; the OS-9® operating system provides a flexible, robust run-time environment. OS-9's bundled middleware includes a multiprotocol networking stack and advanced multimedia packages.

Extensive input/output capabilities are made easy with OS-9. A unified, Unix-style I/O, networking and graphics environments, MPEG file manager and other standard I/O systems are available with OS-9®. Additional file managers are provided by third parties or can be written for a specific application.

Microware reduces users' development time by providing more finished code and an effective Hawk Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The HawkEye® visual analysis and graphical builder tools complement the IDE.

Microware's configuration wizard makes OS-9® easy to learn and use. Users can change or replace boot images in a matter of seconds.