BWI incorporated in 1985 with the realization that the key elements for advanced system integration were already in place. These key elements included: An existing staff of seasoned engineers. Strong vendor ties. An awareness of the issues of the day and most important a proclivity for problem solving. As a consequence, system integration became an early focus.

As the VME markets matured and new product lines strengthened BWI kept to its roots by pioneering new approaches in both hardware and software. Ergo our motto “Pioneering Solutions.” As Real-Time integrators BWI still maintains ports of OS9 for various VME board level companies. Over the years BWI engineers have worked on a variety of advanced systems integration projects which include: medical imaging, tablet press controls, flight simulation, power plant controls, industrial driers, set top boxes, check readers, radar, lightning detection, ticketing, test equipment, high speed scanning, communication controls, video surveillance.